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We have provided this directory to help organize the links to some of our friends' business sites. Creating a link directory, and making link exchanges with other web sites helps search engines to find all of our sites better. The more links that are recognized in the search engines that are pointing to your site, the better for you in terms of search engine optimization. We have a few categories that have more than one page, as we try to keep a certain amount on each page. We provide all of the links to those categories on this page, and on our home page. This is most beneficial for our linking partners. We are always working on adding more links to our exchanges, and are watchful as to the types of sites with which we exchange links.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our friends' links. They have been reviewed; however, we are not responsible for their content, their products, or their actions. If there are any problems with any of the sites, or their links, please let us know.

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Interested in exchanging links?

Many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts believe that link popularityis one of the most important factors in page rank with the major search engines. That makes exchanging links with related sites, an essential element to the uccess of all of our websites.

We take link exchanging seriously and maintain high standards for the sites that we exchange with. We require a return link that is on a static page that is no more than 2 clicks from a visible link from your home page. That page must be indexed by google. We periodically do a check on our links. If we can not find our link on your site, your link will be removed immediately.

If you have a quality site that:

If your site meets the above criteria and you would like to exchange a link with us, please use our
text link because of the added impact in the search engines to identify our site in your gift category:

TITLE: Custom Embroidery * Personalized Gifts from
DESCRIPTION: "Making personalized gifts for you is our favorite thing to do."
... Offering fleece blankets, personalized framed art, unique gifts,
celtic gifts, custom baby fleece, custom wedding gifts,
ribbon gifts, dog gifts, baby gifts,
... gifts for every occasion.

Let us know when our link is on your site,
and provide us with the exact page address
we will then review your site.
Upon approval we will place your listing in
the category that fits your site best.
Thank you for your interest.


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